Soft Landscaping

Kirklees Knowl Farsley

Value: £117k

Location: Kirklees Yorkshire

Main Contractor - Brambledown Landscape Services Ltd

Works included vast woodland planting in between existing mature woodland in Kirklees Knowl. These works were carried out on behalf of client Thornhill Estates who wished to make some vast enviornmental improvement works in the area. 

The Landscape works were split into two phases, pre and post Covid. The interruption of works during the Covid period meant that several plants failed to establish properly, so Brambledown quickly assessed the area upon return to site and removed waterlogged plants and trees and replaced at our cost. It was very important to us that the plants and trees established correctly otherwise it would be very difficult to gain access once other surrounding areas began to mature and space became narrow to prevent access to our Grounds Maintenance team who would be tasked with ensuring the plants and trees and fence was properly maintained and established. 

Brambledown Landscapes also carried out a large amount of scrub clearance and created visual open spaces for site lines and general upkeep of an overcrowded woodland and hedged area which had become impossible to maintain for local farmers. 

Brambledown Landscapes also removed hundreds of metres of old fence and regraded ruts to leave seeding reinstatement works ready for Brambledown to return in the Spring installed several hundreds of metres of agricultural fencing as well as planting thousands of trees and shrubs, many with guards which will be removed in time by our maintenance team. 

Brambledown also planted new hedgerows, and installed new heavy duty agricultural gates for the famers to gain access. Areas were completed with soiling, seeding and turfing in some areas. 

All commercial Lanadcspe works were carried out over a 12 week contractual period and were supervised by SMSTS trained Contracts Managers and SSSTS trained site supervisors at all times. 



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