CASE STUDIES - Soft Landscaping

Herrington Country Park, Penshaw, Sunderland

Herrington Country Park

Client: City of Sunderland Council

Land renewal works at the former Herrington Colliery. This huge and complex project comprised 25km of hedges, 17km of paths and bridleways, 40ha of trees and 5ha of water features. This along with the thousands of trees and shrubs that were planted, made Herrington Country Park one of the largest sites that Brambledown had undertaken. A lake was also created along with a giant amphitheatre and boardwalks. The lake attracted much wildlife back to the park. To think of what the site was before (a coal heap) the transormation into what is now the site of the Durham County Show is incredible. The scheme also included a 5 years maintenance package which Brambledown undertook and later a play area was also added.

CASE STUDIES - Soft Landscaping

Darlington West Park

Darlington West Park, Darlington

Client: Bussey and Armstrong

Reclamation and landscaping works at former factory site at Faverdale, Darlington. This complex project comprised earthworks, topsoiling, extensive tree and shrub planting, seeding, path surfacing and other landscaping services.


Sage Headquarters

Client: SAGE

Over 800 semi-mature trees including 8 Metasequoia of 100cm girth. Large areas of woodland transplants and evergreen shrub mixes.

Cobalt Business Park

Cobalt Business Park

Client: Cobalt Business Park

Brambledown are responsible for all planting works on the whole site and because of its size, we have dedicated teams of men who spend most of their time positioned here. Look out for the Vans.